Hungarian Fashion

In the middle of going back and forth from university classes to my part-time job, I’ve still managed to participate in one of my dearest events – fashion week. As I’m utterly in love with clothes and style, for me the aesthetics and artsy vibes are beyond important for the spiritual feeding. And right after receiving my press accreditation, I took the tram which goes alongside the Danube river with amazing view and arrived at Várkert Bazár. 


Street style and the people in general who arrive at those kind of events play a huge role in terms of overall impression and common idea. And as much as I’m regretting to say this, I wasn’t impressed at all. Who am I to judge but compared to what I’m used to see during Tbilisi fashion weeks, this was something I have never experienced. And in order to attend a show, one has to buy a ticket? That means anybody has an access, while in Georgia, guests are getting special invitations from the designers, so the audience is always appropriate and well-known.

However, let’s get to the designers. Unfortunately, I was able to attend only 2 shows because of my tight schedule, but one of them was my all time favorite Nanushka! I’ve been loving this brand for ages already, and as I’ve never thought before, designer is Hungarian – Sandra Sandor. Of course, I loved all the pieces and vibes of the whole collection as the style of the brand is more inspired by simplicity, elegance and comfort at the same time.

Here are some pics from the show and some of the favorite looks.


Second show was by Nubu, which I have never heard before, but it turned out very interesting and sophisticated.


And after the show, I had a chance to observe pop up stores in the area which were very cute.


Did you enjoy the pictures and my opinions towards the whole event? Well,  I had a good time there as was a good getaway and a break from everyday life.


We should all take a DAY-OFF

Because of the endless classes in my university and very much awaited begining of the summer, I decided to take a day off with my friends and by all means, we visited the Day-Off.


It’s a small second-hand shop, located in the heart of Old Tbilisi (41 Vertskhli St) where you can find all sorts of interesting and cute things. Starting with stickers and ending with shoes.


The prices are very affordable, to be honest, very low. Even stickers cost just 0.30 GEL, when all the other places sell them for the lowest 1 GEL. 🙂

Here are some nice photos I took there!


They also have an instagram page! Go and find some cute pieces for you too! 🙂


Gucci’s Renaissance

Gucci’s new creative director, the unknown Alessandro Michele, is a lot like the woman he champions: daring, curiously compelling—and with a streak of mystery and originality. His appointment as a helm of billion-dollar Italian luxury brand left everybody surprised, but no more than himself.

“I wasn’t even on the list,” Michele says, referring to the presumed roster of high-profile industry talents whose names had been bandied about for the coveted job.


From the very begining, Gucci maintained same appearance, vibe and idea. Even during the legendary Tom Ford period as a director, this brand never left the borders. You could say it was classy, original, maybe sometimes sexy, but 42 year-old Alessandro, with antique rings, long-haired looks of a Merovingian king managed to create his OWN Gucci. This kind of personalization definitely brought him and the brand fame. He pulled treasured vintage pieces from his wardrobe to use as inspirational starting points, and many prints were taken from antique textiles. Particular details, accessories from the collection became a must-wear for thousands of it-girls and fashionistas.

As Coco Chanel once mentioned, fashion is fashion when it reaches the streets of the city. And, nowadays, Gucci is everywhere! Streets, buildings, shops, internet, even in MEMES.


Michele’s own debut could hardly have been a more emphatic distancing from Giannini (the previous creative director). “We are really such different people,” he says. “Night and day. I am trying to cause a little revolution inside the company—to push another language, a different way to talk about beauty and sexiness, which is an old word. It’s about sensuality now. When I started the first collection, I was thinking not in terms of fashion but in terms of attitude,” he adds, “that sense of beauty which I tried to find for an old and beautiful and charming brand like Gucci.”

Michele’s predecessor, Frida Giannini, was the creative director for eight years, and during that period she and Patrizio di Marco, Gucci’s C.E.O., began a relationship and had a child. Near the end of her tenure, fashion critics grew bored with her clothes, many of which reworked themes that Gucci had been exploring since the nineties, when Tom Ford, the American designer, revitalized the brand with outré glamour. Sales fell, and in December, 2014, Giannini and di Marco were fired.

Gucci Cruise 2017 (2)

Michele’s clothes are pretty but not overtly sexy. Although they have a youthful verve, he has a preference for long sleeves, high necklines, and below-the-knee skirts. In the twelve collections that he has presented so far, he has not isolated a single silhouette and made it his signature. A few months later, on a June evening in New York, Michele was honored at the American fashion industry’s equivalent of the Oscars: the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards.

With all the history, mystery between the brand’s founders and massive Tom Ford makeover, today Gucci stands as one of the biggest luxury fashion houses so far.


Concepts of Tbilisi

Because of the recent spotlight on Georgia, because of Demna Gvasalia and because of a lot of becauses, Tbilisi gets more and more concept stores, which basically means our citizens can get their hands on any international brand. I would allocate two main concept stores here – DOTS and CHAOS.


DOTS – store under Materiel Tbilisi and Materia portfolio is located in the very touristic center of Tbilisi – Kote Apkhazi street. Right around the corner of Georgian traditional food, wine and delights, you can have a look at sophisticated, modern clothes.


Despite the fact that most of these pieces are from designers, prices remain still acceptable. Anything you see here can be bought at the same cost as in any other shop. I guess that’s the most attractive concept of the store, other than the interior, which clearly leaves anyone beyond inspired.

“Dots unique know how, craftsmanship and more than 20 years experience in Georgian fashion industry of already well-established family brands Materiel Tbilisi and Materia, guarantee of high quality. Company is vertically diversified (own factory) and controls all levels from production to sales.”


Not only you can buy clothes here, you can also taste some delicious coffee, chill out and listen to the music. Because I was in a little hurry, couldn’t check the cafe out.


CHAOS – very modern, urban, provocative and hella expensive! Located in the corner of Rooms Tbilisi, maintains the status of “desired by the tons of youngsters”.



In case you didn’t know, Chaos is talked about everywhere, anywhere, even in W MAGAZINE saying that “Chaos Concept Store, Tbilisi’s Coolest Shop, Has Its Own Skate Ramp”. It’s much more than a shopping destination. The group’s mission was also to create another space they felt was missing from the city, a mecca for the city’s like-minded, fashion and art-following youth to hang out, and exchange their more out-there ideas.



Yet they don’t own the online-shop, so the only way to own a piece from chaos is to go by yourself there. You will be surprised by the atmosphere and vibes – a minimalistic space with white walls, wooden floors, and windows stretching nearly floor to ceiling, putting the focus on their stand-out additions like the mattress.


Right at the exit, the spirit of rebellious youngsters shows off the most, basically, by the neon lights saying “sometimes we watch porn”.


I guess, other than a lot of places you can visit in Tbilisi and explore independently, there are some destinations anybody is supposed to see in order to fully understand nation’s vibe. Especially, if it’s connected to fashion.

DOTS and CHAOS are two must see concept stores of Tbilisi! 🙂

Comme des Garçons in Soviet Georgia

Recently, I came across the post about Brian Griffin’s photo shoot for Comme des Garçons, which took place right here in Tbilisi, back in 1989. The creative director Rei Kawakubo was beyond inspired by the paintings of Niko Pirosmani, gathered her crew and traveled over the world just to visit old Soviet city – Tbilisi.

“Rei was inspired by the clothing in Pirosmani’s paintings.” says Griffin.

Clothes in the photo shoot were absolutely unique, combining Georgian traditional pieces with materials from Comme des Garçons. Models were random villagers and a lot of them were wearing Chokha.


Now, 25 years later, with the help of the up-and-coming gallery Project ArtBeat, Griffin has returned to Georgia to exhibit the prints for the first time at Tbilisi’s Museum of Modern Art, a project which launched during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi.

“Georgians are happy to see them. I obviously am delighted for their responses, all of the power of these images has happened because of time [past].” he says. In one of his interviews he described the trip to Georgia, where Rei’s crew, including Brian was under a strict surveillance. There were lots of meetings in the dark on street corners, and people were destroying statues of Stalin.



Now, the photographer is planning another Georgian project, similar to Kawakubo’s. He wants to take the clothes of Georgian designers and style them on locals throughout the country.

Couple days ago, when I first read the article on W Magazine about Rei Kawakubo’s visit in my hometown, which happened about 20 years ago, I was left absolutely surprised. Nowadays, whole fashion industry has all the attention towards Georgia, because of obvious innovations by Demna Gvasalia, but back in 1989 one of the most creative person’s interest towards Soviet country is remarkable, when nobody even had an idea where Georgia was!

From Demna to Balenciaga



I guess we can’t deny the obvious impact on fashion caused by Georgian designer, Demna Gvasalia. Oversized hoodies, sock-based high heels and blazers from Soviet Union reminds us unique vision of designer, born and raised in the country named Georgia. All of the citizens, including me, are proud of this crazy person, just because he was living on the same land, talented enough to take over the fashion and let the world know about our country.

My beyond interest was always driven to Demnas career, especially recently, when everybody praises his work and even Kanye West tries to look up to him (clearly his last collection was inspired by Demna’s brand Vetements)


This person owns a very deep, emotional and challenging history, being a refugee from Abkhazia, occupied by Russia. It must have been a very difficult road to remain his own spiritual imagination, while he and his family were fighting for their lives and survival. As he mentioned, because of politics, he can never go back to his hometown.

Though, he managed to escape post-soviet country and continued studying in Antwerp, Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He was successfully working in Louis Vuitton, also studying in Maison Margiela, when he decided to create his own clothes. That’s when Vetements was born. Soon enough, you could see tons of people wearing Vetements in the streets, public places, buildings, shows, events! It became an icon, an icon, which was dreamed by thousands of fashionistas.






Paris Fashion Week SS16, Day 5

Demna always tried to be outstanding, expressing what he believes to be stylish. Modernizing old soviet materials got him a huge wave of fame.

Here are some examples, which used to be just a reminder of daily lives in Georgia, that’s now turned into fashion.




On July 30, 2015, Balenciaga announced it was parting ways with creative director Alexander Wang after three years. The Spring/Summer 2016 show was his last, featuring white loungewear made from soft, natural fabrics. In early October, the brand announced Demna Gvasalia as its new creative director. That’s when the crazy party began.

Nowadays, everybody knows Demna, every young fashionlover dreams about Vetements or Balenciaga. I strongly believe, he is creating a new history, he is REVOLUTIONIZING the fashion.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi

As soon as I’ve heard that Mercedes-Benz would be holding the fashion week in Tbilisi (05.05-09.05.2016), I couldn’t stop thinking about getting inside. After a long thinking, I decided to contact designers and ask them for the invitation.

First one was Diana Kvariani. I have to admit, her invitation was the fanciest one!


Day after, I got invitation from Janashia store, Materiel and Aka Nanita.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Materiel has opened new store called DOTS and I had to go there to get invitations.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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The show of Materiel was on that day, later in the evening, so I had to rush home and get ready. Mercedes-Benz fashion week took place at Zurab Tsereteli MOMA Tbilisi. The environment was modern and complete.Tons of bloggers, reporters, journalists, foreign buyers, fashionistas and photographers were invited. You could recognize familiar faces everywhere.


Materiel by Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili was so on point. There was nothing you could complain of.

On the next day, I had invitation for Materiel again, but by Tiko Paksa. That day was the most memorable day in my life, because I finally managed to take a selfie with my all time favorite street style photographer, Adam Katz Sinding a.k.a LE21EME, who specially traveled from Netherlands to Georgia for Fashion Week. He is the most adorable person you can ever meet 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And, of course, collection of Tiko Paksa was inspiring. As she said, the background of the whole collection was surrealism, thin line between dream and reality. I have to admit, she legit proved her talent!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

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Day 4 was dedicated to Aka Nanita and Gvantsa Janashia. Aka Nanita was wonderful, with some details of 20th century. Background music also made you feel like you were living back in the old times.:)


After the show, we had break for 3 hours, so my friends and I decided to chill in the Althaus near Opera. This place is my all-time favorite!!


We were a little bit early, so decided to join the exhibition.


The building was crowded!! I haven’t seen that kind of attendance on any show. They opened 2 rooms to have enough place for everybody to sit. When the show started, I realized why there were so many people. This collection made you feel classy, aristocracy.


Overall, I beyond enjoyed attending these fashion shows. Everybody has that kind of place, where they feel like home. Fashion is my home.

If you want to have a quick review on the photos I’ve been taking during the FW, you can visit my Instagram, where you can also find videos for the whole collections.

That’s all!