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We should all take a DAY-OFF

Because of the endless classes in my university and very much awaited begining of the summer, I decided to take a day off with my friends and by all means, we visited the Day-Off.


It’s a small second-hand shop, located in the heart of Old Tbilisi (41 Vertskhli St) where you can find all sorts of interesting and cute things. Starting with stickers and ending with shoes.


The prices are very affordable, to be honest, very low. Even stickers cost just 0.30 GEL, when all the other places sell them for the lowest 1 GEL. 🙂

Here are some nice photos I took there!


They also have an instagram page! Go and find some cute pieces for you too! 🙂



Coolest Hostel in Town

With all the new cheap hotels, hostels and Airbnb places, Fabrika is current trend in the whole city. I guess, the main key here is the unbelievable design of the building. Retro chairs, sofas, tables and even decorations make it authentic and pleasant to spend your time here.



Well, the name itself comes from the previous definition of this place. The old textile factory stopped working ages ago, so the building remained abandoned and untouched, until the hostel for 400 people was opened.

Soon enough, the word about Fabrika was all over the place. My generation and even elders were constantly wondering what was the concept about this place. Tons of events started happening around, concerts, film screenings, gallery exhibitions and even stores begin opening inside the building.


Of course, I had in mind to come here and stalk the whole place.

Pictures hanging on the wall aren’t just pictures, the guest can always buy them in affordable prices. Every single piece of the furniture is bought at flea markets and secondhands, so the whole vibe is retro, but at the same time classy.



The loveliest part is Cafe, where you can order  whatever your heart desires to!

I had the most delicious breakfast here, hot cappuccino and a little-bit spicy sandwich. But other than that, you can order some drinks, main dishes and deserts.



The chance to stay here for 1 night was of course used. Since a friend of mine has started working here, I used a possibility to spend quality time and enjoy.



Photo from Fabrika’s official Facebook Page.


Photo from Fabrika’s official Facebook Page.


Photo from Fabrika’s official page.

I guess, we are living in the globalized era, where traveling became like hobby and places to spend a night in cheaper and cheaper. That’s why I’ve been really familiar with hostels and Airbnb apartments, but I’ve never seen a high quality hostel, which Fabrika strongly represents.

More importantly, at the end, I’d like to share with you a video clip, which was filmed in Fabrika and really gives out the real vibes.

Listen and enjoy! 🙂