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Favorites from Mercedes-Benz FW

With all the respect, I still don’t understand the need of 2 different types of fashion weeks in Tbilisi. Constant stress, battle between agencies and pressure around the fashion atmosphere. However, I gladly attend both of them. I must admit, Tbilisi Fashion Week was a huge disappointment. Starting from designers ending with environment, which includes invited bloggers, photographers and hired venue. Everything was below the standard, but that’s just my opinion. What goes to Mercedes-Benz fashion week, it brought different vibe, modern, creative. When I first took a look at the agenda, I couldn’t hold my breath from the happiness – the best of best designers with the best locations.

Here are my favorite shows from MBFW.











With the most stunning location – ANOUKI


And my all time favorite – GEORGE KEBURIA


Lastly, here is the small video clip from the coolest VASKA runway.

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Best of best @vaskatabatadze

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi

As soon as I’ve heard that Mercedes-Benz would be holding the fashion week in Tbilisi (05.05-09.05.2016), I couldn’t stop thinking about getting inside. After a long thinking, I decided to contact designers and ask them for the invitation.

First one was Diana Kvariani. I have to admit, her invitation was the fanciest one!


Day after, I got invitation from Janashia store, Materiel and Aka Nanita.

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Materiel has opened new store called DOTS and I had to go there to get invitations.

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The show of Materiel was on that day, later in the evening, so I had to rush home and get ready. Mercedes-Benz fashion week took place at Zurab Tsereteli MOMA Tbilisi. The environment was modern and complete.Tons of bloggers, reporters, journalists, foreign buyers, fashionistas and photographers were invited. You could recognize familiar faces everywhere.


Materiel by Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili was so on point. There was nothing you could complain of.

On the next day, I had invitation for Materiel again, but by Tiko Paksa. That day was the most memorable day in my life, because I finally managed to take a selfie with my all time favorite street style photographer, Adam Katz Sinding a.k.a LE21EME, who specially traveled from Netherlands to Georgia for Fashion Week. He is the most adorable person you can ever meet 🙂

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And, of course, collection of Tiko Paksa was inspiring. As she said, the background of the whole collection was surrealism, thin line between dream and reality. I have to admit, she legit proved her talent!

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Day 4 was dedicated to Aka Nanita and Gvantsa Janashia. Aka Nanita was wonderful, with some details of 20th century. Background music also made you feel like you were living back in the old times.:)


After the show, we had break for 3 hours, so my friends and I decided to chill in the Althaus near Opera. This place is my all-time favorite!!


We were a little bit early, so decided to join the exhibition.


The building was crowded!! I haven’t seen that kind of attendance on any show. They opened 2 rooms to have enough place for everybody to sit. When the show started, I realized why there were so many people. This collection made you feel classy, aristocracy.


Overall, I beyond enjoyed attending these fashion shows. Everybody has that kind of place, where they feel like home. Fashion is my home.

If you want to have a quick review on the photos I’ve been taking during the FW, you can visit my Instagram, where you can also find videos for the whole collections.

That’s all!