The lands of Italy

After living in Milan for nearly 2 months, I fell in love with the city. So, at the end of summer, when I had to move to Budapest for my studies (about which I’ll talk in the next post), I encouraged my parents to visit Milano first and then go to Hungary. And… that’s what we did!


I’m can’t even explain what kind of amazing vibes you get once you step on Italian lands. Especially, Milan is very special place to me. I was eager to meet up with my host families I had back in 2016!


Atmosphere there is so friendly, cheerful, even the sound of Italian language makes life much more beautiful.

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Our apartment was located in the very center of the city – Navigli, which is famous with its restaurants, bars and entertainment. Nothing’s better than being part of Italian amusement. ๐Ÿ™‚


If you are fond of Italian cuisine, forget about pizza, pasta, even tiramisu and try LASAGNA! That’s probably the most delicious thing you can eat in your lifetime. I tried the best lasagna in the restaurant near the Castello.


After these 3 days, we couldn’t leave Italy without visiting Venice, the city of fairy tales! Everything about Venice is magical and inspiring. And sometimes coincidences make each travel much more interesting and in coincidences I mean staying in Venice for 1 night and discovering your friends are in the city too.


We also found huge shopping mall, which has amazing terrace on the top of the building and from that terrace you get to see the whole surface of the city! That was incredible!


But after all, we got so tired that couldn’t wait to arrive in Budapest and have some rest.


However, Venice left us speechless and amazed. This should be the top destination for every travel-lover!


We should all take a DAY-OFF

Because of the endless classes in my university and very much awaited begining of the summer, I decided to take a day off with my friends and by all means, we visited the Day-Off.


It’s a small second-hand shop, located in the heart of Old Tbilisi (41 Vertskhli St) where you can find all sorts of interesting and cute things. Starting with stickers and ending with shoes.


The prices are very affordable, to be honest, very low. Even stickers cost just 0.30 GEL, when all the other places sell them for the lowest 1 GEL. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some nice photos I took there!


They also have an instagram page! Go and find some cute pieces for you too! ๐Ÿ™‚



Long time no see!

I’ve been busy with packing and preparing things for my trip to Milan, Italy.

Have you ever heard about AIESEC? Well, those amazing people planned an amazing project for 6 weeks, which gave me the opportunity to volunteer and participate in this lifetime experience. I can’t lie, I will never regret this decision! It completely changed my vision and helped me to improve myself, for better and for good!

My journey started on 8th of February, 5 A.M when I jumped into the car and left for the airport. I had a connection flight (via Ukraine), so it took me around 7 hours to get from Tbilisi to Milan.


I am so lucky with this project, because as planned I was ment to live in a host family, so those people contacted me days before and arranged meeting point for my arrival. They picked me up from the airport and took me straight to home! I was completely exhausted, I was a little bit sick (coughing nonstop), but as soon as I arrived home, ate food and video-called my parents, I left to see the legend of Milan, DUOMO!


I remember the moment when I was coming up from the underground station and this view just took my breathe away, froze my bones from the head to the toes and I was about to cry. You see all these pictures online and can’t even imagine what it means to see something like this in real life. SPEECHLESS!

Okay, enough rambles about Duomo.

Well, as I’ve said, my project considered me to volunteer at high school as a Trainer, discussing about environmental issues. As you can see on the photos, my students had prepared some special things. One of the students baked me a cake, others baked some cookies, some of them brought drinks and decorated room for me to feel welcome โค



First day was pretty exhausting, but full of good, pleasant emotions!

Of course, second day, after school, I went out to see the city and met up with my old friend from Georgia, who is studying at university of Catholica in Milan. She brought me to the amazing places, museums and cafes.


We have visited museum of modern art. It was breathless!


After a long walks around the city, we got so tired, decided to chill out at some random cafe, which appears to be Gucci Cafe ๐Ÿ˜€


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Of course, as a guest, I was paid by my friend!

The following day, I had a day off from my school, so my host sister and I went out for a walk. Somehow, we appeared to Brera Museum. Those pictures from renaissance period is just stunning. I think words aren’t good enough just to describe the colors and crazy minds painters had used. Of course, the most famous painting “The Last Supper” is kept here.


And here are some random photos from that day.

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Well, that’s it for today! I promise the best posts are yet to come.

Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚