Winter Break

To be honest, I was counting days till my arrival back home. It was a first time for me spending some much time away from Georgia, living independently, without any of my friends or family members. I had huge plans for my comeback, tried to make every single day from my vacation memorable and pleasant. That’s exactly what happened.

Reunion with my hometown was nostalgic and full of emotions. Days went by so quickly, I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. As it wasn’t enough, me and my friends took off for Svaneti – a wonderful, mountainous ski resort in Georgia. That was the very first time when I learnt how to ski. It was marvelous. I was skiing for 5 days straight, non-stop and even though I was new at this and my muscle pain was killing me, I couldn’t say no to that amazing feeling.

I will, most likely, never forget this trip and the astonishing memories that will haunt me for the lifetime!

After spending some quality time with my friends, it was my family’s turn. At the end of January, we left for GREECE – a country of sun and warmth. We visited a very small town called Kavala and properly relaxed for 5 days. I can’t really say straight if it looked more like Positano (Italy) or Monaco (France), but the city was calm, beautiful and full of seafood!


Here are some more badass pics from the very cool app I tend to use quiet often, called HUJI.


If you are into exploring new places, visiting non-touristic cities and enjoying adventures, Kavala should be your new destination!

Now, I’m writing all of this from the city of Budapest, instead of actually doing my homework and feeling a little bit nostalgic. But stay tuned, new trips are along the way 🙂



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