2017 RECAP

My life has never been this eventful so far. 2 years ago, if somebody told me that one day I would be able to reflect on my year with a whole blogpost, I wouldn’t believe it. 2017 was very complicated, with its ups and downs. Starting it very stressful, but ending it with amazing memories, managing to reach my goals and live my life fullest.

I made my dream come true! I’ve got Hungarian scholarship and I left Georgia to study abroad in Budapest for free. I chose the major I was really interested in and I’ve found my path in terms of successful career.

I learnt how to live independently in completely new environment. I made a lot of new friends and some of them very special ones! 🙂 I’ve mastered to be responsible for myself and to be in charge of my life.

I traveled in Milan, Venice, Vienna and explored Budapest every second of my being there.

I met my Italian family in Milano and enjoyed our evening at Lake Como together.

I came across to my very dear friend in Venice and talked whole evening about different stuff.

I went to Vienna with my playmate, who has visited me in Budapest for 10 days.

In December, my Italian family visited me for the weekend and we spent quality time together.

2 weeks ago, I came back to Georgia and realized what an amazing people I’ve left behind. I’m thankful for each moment, good or bad, thus these are the memories that stay with us forever. I’ve already planned exciting things in 2018 and I barely can wait for it!

Happy new year!!:)


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