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Channeling Our Inner Coco

Exactly 5 days ago, The Ritz Hotel held Chanel Metiers d’Art show called as “Paris Cosmopolite” according to the location, which clearly was Paris. With the recent news, terrorists attacks and tourists trying to avoid this beautiful city, Karl Lagerfeld decided to take a brake from Rome, Mumbai, Edinburgh or Dallas and travel in the city of love. The Ritz Carlton appears to be the hotel, where Coco Chanel used to live. As Lagerfeld claims: “the whole collection is inspired by 1920’s and 1930’s evening dresses that women used to wear to dine at the Ritz.”


Photo from Chanel’s official website.

The show featured several runway debuts from Chanel ambassadress Lily-Rose Depp to ambassador Pharrell Williams along with the runway return of Cara Delevingne, who walked the runway for the first time since October 2015, when she walked Chanel Spring 2016 alongside Lagerfeld.

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“You have to walk as if you are walking into a chic restaurant, convinced that you are the most beautiful and chicest woman in the world — which you are,” Lagerfeld said. “For me, it’s a certain idea of Paris: Gabrielle Chanel, the Ritz, the Hemingway Bar. This is the kind of Paris everyone would like to bring back,” the designer said.


Photo from Chanel’s official website.

About 300 guests were attending the show, who were sitting around the tables and having a chance of close-up look at the models. Everyone was smiling, dancing, talking to each other, this wasn’t a typical runway. Although, you could feel class and chic of Chanel.

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My attention was mainly drown to the variety of models, who walked for the show and people who attended it. Singers, actresses, actors and just models had an opportunity to wear beautiful gowns from Karl, but around the tables, I couldn’t find any familiar faces. There was only Vanessa Paradis from the celebrities I know, however, rest of the guests remains unknown for me. It seems like, Karl mainly focuses on private clients, who have resources to purchase any item from the collection.

Here is a really interesting video clip of the whole show, which contains incredible impressions of models and a story behind the collection.

Overall, the new vibe which Karl Lagerfeld has brought up is fascinating and very modern. These kind of changes was absolutely necessary for the House of Chanel.


Photo from Chanel’s official website.

For those you want to see the whole show, here is the video 🙂