From Demna to Balenciaga



I guess we can’t deny the obvious impact on fashion caused by Georgian designer, Demna Gvasalia. Oversized hoodies, sock-based high heels and blazers from Soviet Union reminds us unique vision of designer, born and raised in the country named Georgia. All of the citizens, including me, are proud of this crazy person, just because he was living on the same land, talented enough to take over the fashion and let the world know about our country.

My beyond interest was always driven to Demnas career, especially recently, when everybody praises his work and even Kanye West tries to look up to him (clearly his last collection was inspired by Demna’s brand Vetements)


This person owns a very deep, emotional and challenging history, being a refugee from Abkhazia, occupied by Russia. It must have been a very difficult road to remain his own spiritual imagination, while he and his family were fighting for their lives and survival. As he mentioned, because of politics, he can never go back to his hometown.

Though, he managed to escape post-soviet country and continued studying in Antwerp, Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He was successfully working in Louis Vuitton, also studying in Maison Margiela, when he decided to create his own clothes. That’s when Vetements was born. Soon enough, you could see tons of people wearing Vetements in the streets, public places, buildings, shows, events! It became an icon, an icon, which was dreamed by thousands of fashionistas.






Paris Fashion Week SS16, Day 5

Demna always tried to be outstanding, expressing what he believes to be stylish. Modernizing old soviet materials got him a huge wave of fame.

Here are some examples, which used to be just a reminder of daily lives in Georgia, that’s now turned into fashion.




On July 30, 2015, Balenciaga announced it was parting ways with creative director Alexander Wang after three years. The Spring/Summer 2016 show was his last, featuring white loungewear made from soft, natural fabrics. In early October, the brand announced Demna Gvasalia as its new creative director. That’s when the crazy party began.

Nowadays, everybody knows Demna, every young fashionlover dreams about Vetements or Balenciaga. I strongly believe, he is creating a new history, he is REVOLUTIONIZING the fashion.