Arrivederci, Milano!

My amazing experience has come to the end and I feel endlessly sad. This chest pains bother me everyday, when you are about to cry, because you miss your original home, not the one you call your hometown, but the one where you feel like at home. For me, that kind of place is Milan! I found myself here, I challenged, I explored, I developed here. If it was up to me, I’d never leave. I saw the pure version of me and I liked that. Even though, I’m already in Georgia, back “home”, sitting in my couch and constantly rumbling about missing Milan, here are some of the unforgettable memories from my experience 🙂

The first weekend, my first hosting family took me to the Alps. It was just breathtaking!!


After snowy weekend, back in Milan, I decided to meet up with one of my team members from Aiesec, who is from Greece. Turned out, that she was the person I came really close with and we keep in touch even today from different counties 🙂 her name is Sofia.

We slowly had a look on the most important buildings in Milan and tried to get to know each other better. This day was wonderful.

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Me and my second half – Sofia ❤ IMG_8515IMG_8524

Later that day, my host brother organized dinner night out and we ate this huge table of food!!! I could breath after eating so much.IMG_8530IMG_8531IMG_8539IMG_8540IMG_8543

The next day, we left for VENICE! City of fairy tales and romance. I thought it was just a dream and clearly not reality. It was magical.IMG_8545IMG_8553IMG_8563IMG_8566IMG_8572

I tried Lasagna for the first time and I think I found my new favorite dish ever!IMG_8577

And of course, Tiramisu for a desert 🙂 IMG_8584

Here are some artistic landscapes of Venice. IMG_8610IMG_8620

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Returning back, Milan Fashion Week was waiting for me. Of course, I hadn’t any chance to get inside, but I still managed to stand outside and wait for famous people to come out. You know, I’m crazy about fashion and in general everything that’s connected to fashion inspires me! So, this event had a huge meaning to me. IMG_8663IMG_8672IMG_8725IMG_8728IMG_8729

Days flew like minutes and I couldn’t even catch my breath. My departure time was coming closer and closer, so I tried to visit every important place I could.IMG_8787

Hungar Biccoca!


Oh, and sure thing, I got a penalty for NOT HAVING ENOUGH GODDAMN DOCUMENTS for transport, while there are tons of people in Milan, who don’t even buy tickets for travel and I got a penalty for not having the document they wanted me to have. As you can guess, I haven’t paid it 😀


The next day, Sofia suggested to go to Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, because she had free tickets for 2. Of course, I agreed.


My host Mother also took me to Prada Foundation. It was like a museum of contemporary arts. SPEECHLESS.



Trip to Milan is nothing, if you don’t enter inside of Duomo or at least go on the top of it. We did both aahahhaha!


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You go to Italy and you don’t visit ROME? of course not!! in this ancient city, even streets were like museums. Every single building had it’s own history. I was just astonished.


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My days were coming to the end and I had to say goodbye to my students. Very hard, but so nice to feel so much love and understanding from this young, completely strange, but also really close people ❤

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I got enormous amount of gifts from my beloved students! I’m just beyond thankful for everything. You left me with unforgettable memories!

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Last selfie with my team members 😦


Last night with my host sister and host family 😦


And 22 of March, saddest day on planet… 😦


I don’t even know how to describe feelings I got from this experience. I grew up, I matured, I found myself. I found my path in life and I developed the way of understanding the world. Now I’m ready to make a difference, now I’m ready to change the world!




Long time no see!

I’ve been busy with packing and preparing things for my trip to Milan, Italy.

Have you ever heard about AIESEC? Well, those amazing people planned an amazing project for 6 weeks, which gave me the opportunity to volunteer and participate in this lifetime experience. I can’t lie, I will never regret this decision! It completely changed my vision and helped me to improve myself, for better and for good!

My journey started on 8th of February, 5 A.M when I jumped into the car and left for the airport. I had a connection flight (via Ukraine), so it took me around 7 hours to get from Tbilisi to Milan.


I am so lucky with this project, because as planned I was ment to live in a host family, so those people contacted me days before and arranged meeting point for my arrival. They picked me up from the airport and took me straight to home! I was completely exhausted, I was a little bit sick (coughing nonstop), but as soon as I arrived home, ate food and video-called my parents, I left to see the legend of Milan, DUOMO!


I remember the moment when I was coming up from the underground station and this view just took my breathe away, froze my bones from the head to the toes and I was about to cry. You see all these pictures online and can’t even imagine what it means to see something like this in real life. SPEECHLESS!

Okay, enough rambles about Duomo.

Well, as I’ve said, my project considered me to volunteer at high school as a Trainer, discussing about environmental issues. As you can see on the photos, my students had prepared some special things. One of the students baked me a cake, others baked some cookies, some of them brought drinks and decorated room for me to feel welcome ❤



First day was pretty exhausting, but full of good, pleasant emotions!

Of course, second day, after school, I went out to see the city and met up with my old friend from Georgia, who is studying at university of Catholica in Milan. She brought me to the amazing places, museums and cafes.


We have visited museum of modern art. It was breathless!


After a long walks around the city, we got so tired, decided to chill out at some random cafe, which appears to be Gucci Cafe 😀


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Of course, as a guest, I was paid by my friend!

The following day, I had a day off from my school, so my host sister and I went out for a walk. Somehow, we appeared to Brera Museum. Those pictures from renaissance period is just stunning. I think words aren’t good enough just to describe the colors and crazy minds painters had used. Of course, the most famous painting “The Last Supper” is kept here.


And here are some random photos from that day.

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Well, that’s it for today! I promise the best posts are yet to come.

Stay tuned 🙂