My summer trip pt.2: PRAGUE!

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As I’ve promised, I’m continuing my last post, where I was talking about my summer voyage. So, the next stop was Czech Republic, of course, Prague! I have to say that this city is everything I’ve ever imagined. I’m telling you, guys, if it was up to me to be born in any city, definitely I would choose prague. I’m in love!!!

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So, I got up early morning, because my bus from Krakow was leaving at 8 A.M. I was there 10 minutes earlier. (quick gal yeah?). My journey was devided into 2 parts, first I was traveling by bus, then I changed the transport in Bohumin and I continued with a train. The trip was amazing, I had wifi, free snacks and the seats were absolutely comfortable. After 6 hours, I finally got in Prague. I headed straight to my hotel, which was 15 minutes away from the train station.

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The room was stunning! It was professionaly decorated by art inspiraton, something like, cooperation of modern and renaissance culture.

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You would agree, taking a good selfie in the living room mirror was completely essential. 🙂 After having a chill time, relaxing and having some snacks, I decided to go out. The weather was so on point. It was warm and sunny. The city was crowded by tourists, as always, musicians were playing at the main square.



This city is absolutely incredible, a true fascination of the beauty. I’m in shock, how people could save this kind of legacy for over the centuries. It is , indeed, the heart of Europe!



Of course, I went to the Prazsky Hrad for the better view. The place was so quiet, but yet so beautiful, it was like in a fairytales, when something magical must happen. It was like a painting, where painter puts in all of his/hers inner thoughts and spirit. It was something, not worth of words to be discribed by.




I spent there 6 days, and these were the most amazing days in my life. Endless walkings in the streets, late night snacks, tram journeys and tons of new restaurants. Sure thing, I went to Starbucks (because in Georgia, we don’t have it) and as always, the guy spelled my name wrong 🙂 It’s their thing I guess, mispelling the names. Instead of Salome, he wrote Salume. But the coffee was delicious, though.


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I also tried out Czech ice cream. It completely froze my whole mouth, haha, but 10 points out of 10 to this ice cream!!



At the end of my amazing journey, I saw this fireworks at the main square. Although, I was freezed to death, the wind was blowing and I was completely exhausted from walking around, this firework definitely took my breath away and made me to realise how blessed I am to be traveling in this impeccable part of the world, in this very moment.

So, guys! enjoy every minute of your life, travel as much as you can, explore as much as you can and be happy as much as you can, because some of these things may be the impossible ideas for somebody in another country, which seems absolutely random to us.

Hope you spent a great time with me traveling around in this post.

Take care!



My summer trip pt.1: POLAND

GUYS! As long as I’ve just made this blog, I decided to talk about my summer trip in Europe, which was approximately 3 months ago.

Well, to begin with, on 29th of August I packed my bags, kissed my kitten and got ready to go. My departure airport was 4 hours away from my hometown, so I took a mini-bus to get there. It was already 3 A.M in the morning, when I arrived, but I was so excited, couldn’t feel the tiredness. At 5 A.M. airplane took off and I was completely out of this world, further from this reality, up in the sky.

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After 3 hours of flying, endless queues at the border security and strict interrogatory, I finally got in Katowice airport at 6 A.M in the morning (time difference! it was 3 hours of flight, I swear :D). But that wasn’t my final destination, I was going to Krakow, oldest and the most beautiful city in Poland.

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Of course, I took a mini-bus again to get to Krakow and it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes. The last station was Krakow Glowny. Thank god, my hotel was just about 5 minutes aways from the station and as soon as I got there, I knocked out and slept for 1-2 hours.

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But, later, after refreshment, I took a stroll down to the old city. I MUST say this city is incredible. Atmosphere, architecture and cozyness is speechless. I felt like home there. Everyone was so busy, but friendly, serious, but happy at the same time.

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I spent 3 days in Krakow and most of the time, I was just wondering around, exploring places, taking a lots of pictures and just enjoying my time there.

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At the end of my trip in Krakow, I decided to visit Wawel Castle. Words can’t describe the impressiveness of the beauty, this place was absolutely incredible and the architecture, design was so on point! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the building, but trust me on this, if you haven’t visited Wawel Castle yet, count that your wishlist now is grown for 1 more topic.

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And the most, but not the least amazing moment was when I found out this “thing” (I dont know what it’s called) with my hometown nameplate on it. TBILISI it was saying, 1998 km away from Krarow 🙂 It was so pleasent to see it there.

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So, I think that’s all I wanted to tell you about that amazing city. I was completely satisfied with my stay there. Totally recomend you guys to visit that one of the top places in the world. But, of course, that wasn’t the end of my eurotrip. After I left Krakow, I headed to Prague, the city of my dreams, about which I’m gonna talk in my next post. So, stay tuned 🙂