Strolls to the Old City

Woah! here comes the first post on this blog. Don’t know from where to begin, but the only thing that I’ve realised is to be honest! and from the bottom of my heart, I’ve to say that walking down the streets and exploring new places in my city just brightens my day and enlightens my life.



You might don’t know where I live right now. Tbilisi – it’s the capital city of Georgia, post-soviet part of the world and incredible place of asian, european and modern culture reunion.

I’ve to admit that this place leaves all of the tourists unconscious, amazed and totally in love with our culture. Although, we usually don’t tend to be “progress lovers”, the only thing we are proud with, it’s our celebrated hospitality. Tourism business is the main mover power in Georgia’s economics.


Narrow streets, wooden balconys, shared gardens and warm neighbourhood – it must be very hard to be resistent to this kind of atmosphere. In case if you’re tourist and wondering around where to stay at night, you can find tons of hostels and guest houses nearby and at its lowest price. Also, it’s fascinating how modern architecture confluents to traditional buildings and surroundings.



Throughout the centuries, Tbilisi was damaged by thousands of enemies and invaders. Most of the city parts are reconstructed, but all in all, the old spirit of Georgian vibe is still vindicated.




In general, it’s obvious that not everywhere you see old soviet Zaporozhets and high class Mercedes, Range Rovers or BMWs together in the streets. Our varieties of world view is what attracts hundreds and thousands of people. If you’ve been thinking about where to go in the near future or searching for the new cultures and traditions to explore, I must say that you’ve come to the right place!

Tbilisi loves you 🙂